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Your application should be a meticulous representation of your very best self. Therefore, we ensure that every detail is in place.

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End to End Package (Bestseller)

These packages cover the entire application process from start to finish, including profile strengthening, storyline formation, university selection, SOP/essay drafting, CV drafting, recommender selection and LOR drafting, final application submission, and interview preparation.

CV Review + Profile Evaluation and Goal Setting

This package includes a comprehensive review of your CV, detailed evaluation of your profile and goal setting. You'll receive a detailed step-by-step action plan sheet. Additionally, you'll have a 1-hour call with our founders to discuss tips, next steps, and any questions you may have.

CV + Essay Review

With this package, you'll receive a meticulous review of both your CV and essays by our experienced consultants.

CV editing + SOP drafting

This package offers professional editing of your CV and drafting of a Statement of Purpose (SOP) for one university application requiring only an SOP.

Interview Only Package

Designed for students who require assistance specifically with interview preparation, this package includes comprehensive interview training.

Recommender Selection+ LOR Drafting Service

This package assists students in selecting suitable recommenders (some universities prefer academic LORs while some prefer professional LORs) and drafting Letters of Recommendation (LORs) to strengthen their applications.

CV Review and Editing Service

This package offers a detailed review and complete editing of your CV to ensure it stands out to admissions committees.

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