How To Make Your Masters Abroad Financially Feasible?

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  • 05 October 2023

Planning to Study Abroad? Here are some tips to make it financially feasible:

1️⃣ Budget Wisely: Create a detailed plan encompassing tuition fees and living expenses. Don’t just look at the tuition fees! In Ireland, for instance, accommodation costs can surpass tuition fees due to the ongoing housing crisis.

2️⃣ Choose Affordable Destinations: Consider countries like Germany, Norway, Finland, or Austria for quality education at a fraction of the cost. I've seen friends thrive in these countries without breaking the bank.

3️⃣ Scholarships and Grants: Explore scholarships and grants offered by universities and governments. Not just financial need based, but there are many merit based scholarships provided by the top universities too.

4️⃣ Part-Time Work: I know people who funded their entire living expenses by working part-time. It not only helps financially but also boosts confidence through diverse experiences.

5️⃣ Accommodation and Meal Prep: Save on housing with on-campus dorms or shared accommodations. Food costs can add up; consider meal prep or affordable subscription-based meal services.

6️⃣ Plan Ahead: Apply for visas, accommodations, and scholarships well in advance to secure better deals. Booking student accommodation by February can save you at least 30%.

Studying abroad can be expensive but by following these tips, you can make it substantially easy.

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